A collection of books to teach our children to
look inward and feel at home within themselves
 Let's set our children off on their spiritual journey
so that they will learn early on to know
and love themselves


Reading Lessons

Our children are guided through a new lesson on each page to support them to look inward and feel at home.


Coloring Pages 

Each of the beautiful images in the book, from the artist and painter, have been designed as a coloring page so our children can express themselves in their own way artistically.


Activity Sheets

Each of the activity sheets will support our children to enhance engagement with the concepts within the book. These are fun and creative but also constructive and educational, and they encourage individual expression. 


Reflection Pages

Here is a space for our children to express themselves, tap into their feelings with words, and reinforce the lessons they are learning. These pages can also be used for drawings and other types of expression.